shed space

This space is used for individuals who want to sell every weekend at the market. It will allow you to have a set location in the market. With a monthly space, your customers will always know where you are located.  For pricing on a monthly space, contact the market manager at one of the numbers listed to the right.

Jonesborough Flea Market has a space just for you. 
​You just have to decide which one suits you best.
​Listed below are the types of spaces currently available. 

Daily outdoor space


All vendors must be set-up by 8 AM to sell their merchandise. Also, all vendors must have a resale tax certificate or pay $5 for a tax permit at time of space rental.

The $5 tax permit is good for one calendar month. 

This space is best suited for individuals wishing to sell merchandise only occasionally. You can rent this space for just one day.  Pricing for a daily space is $10 per day.  (Pricing is subject to change without notice.)

Sell at the jonesborough flea market

This space is used for individuals who want to be under a covered roof - out of the sun and rain - and for those who want to have tables already set up that they can use.  These spaces rent for $30 per day.  There are two 6' tables and two 8' tables in each space for a total of 28' of display space. These spaces may be rented by the month or by the day. We also have several "half" shed spaces, including one 8' table and one 6' table, which rent for $20/day.

Monthly outdoor space